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Students by Ichigo777
Base by Citron Rouge
Wings from base o holic

So, how obsessed with Monsters University am i? Well, after I made Diaga I decided to make her sorority sisters, her HSS girls. All the ones through her four years.

So, I'm terrible with years, so I'm using a + and - system.  0 is Diaga's frehsman year; +s are above Diaga so +1 is a sophmore. -s are below. So -1 is a girl who would become a freshman when Diaga is a sophmore.

Oh and the BG choices is meant to reflect HSS's color scheme of black & white/gray

+3 Talvea
The senior girl and current HSS president when Diaga is a freshman is Talvea. She's very agile both in and out of the water. Talvea is a strong willed girl with an interest in dance and theater besides her major in scaring. When she graduates, she hands the HSS presidency over to Sitta.

+2 Annie & Sitta
These are the two juniors when Diaga is a freshman.

Annie is a slime girl who can turn her body (and specially made clothing) into a puddle.
She can swim very well & can be carried easily in puddle form.

Sitta is a spider girl. Her four extra arms/legs are fully movable & can grip. Talvea hands over the HSS presidency to her for Sitta's senior year (when Diaga is a sophomore). However, Sitta can't take all the responsibilities and do her schoolwork properly, so she retires in early November. The 6 girls put the topic of president to vote and everyone but Diaga votes for Diaga. Diaga eventually accepts the presidency and remains so until her own graduation.

+1 Krissie & Vanderia
These are the two sophmores when Diaga is a freshman.

Krissie is a kitsune girl with a tricky personality. She does everything from running to climbing to thinking super fast, perhaps too fast. It's Krissie who becomes Diaga's first university friend.

Vanderia is a quiet girl with four arms and four legs. She often has trouble keeping track of where all her limbs are and tends to panic. She loves to cook exotic foods.

0 Diaga
Diaga's entry into university happened after the biggest debate ever with mother. Diaga originally intended to go to university halfway across the country to a high prestige school while mother insisted she attended Monsters University instead. There was massive argument over this which ended in Diaga relenting once she discovered that the reason mother wanted her to go to MU was because she was too attached to Diaga to let her go far away. So Diaga ends up attending MU. It takes the 5 HSS girls all of ten minutes to see Diaga and note her resemblance to their famed alumni and then insist she join them. Although Diaga is initially skeptical at whether she is a goth (and a little more than concerned the only reason she's being asked is due to mother), she soon finds the girls are like a close-knit family and she fits in well with them. Diaga makes her first real friend in sorority sister Krissie. 

In her sophomore year Krissie, Vanderia, Sitta, Annie, and Kwama all vote her as president when Sitta retires the rule, despite her own objections. Although she objects at first, Diaga finds the role does suit her abilities. She remains president of HSS throughout the rest of her sophomore year as well as for her junior and senior years. When she graduates, Diaga names Liamia as the new president. Also, you probably noticed she has legs here instead of her normal lamia/snake bottom. Well this is my headcannon that there's an advanced technique known among monsters that allows them to transform their limbs for periods of time, provided the user can remain focused. Let's face it - tall stairs would suck for a snake bottom. I call it "Virsecki Art of the Transformation" - in Diaga's case she uses it to turn her snake bottom into legs. However, the transformation only holds as long as she remains calm: when she gets flustered or upset, it comes undone.

-1 Kwama
Kwama is a freshman girl who enters university when Diaga is a sophomore. Despite her reptilian and tough exterior, Kwama is a girly-girl who loves dresses and jewelry. She's a gossip hound and an expert hair-styler.

-2 Michelle & Liamia
Michelle & Liamia are two freshmen girls who enter university when Diaga is a junior.

Michelle is a cyclops girl with a taste for odd fashion. Despite her slender frame, she can lift a great deal of weight.

Liamia is a sheep-esque monster girl with a quiet personality. Diaga invites her to join HSS saying she sees hidden potential in Liamia. Over the 2 years they have together, Liamia becomes an almost little sister to Diaga and grows out of her shyness. When Diaga graduates, Liamia is given the presidency for her own Junior & Senior years. When Liamia graduates, she gives Daia the title.

-3 Daia & Moxxie
Daia & Moxxie are two freshmen girls who enter university when Diaga is a senior.

Daia is a demon-esque girl with large horns and wings. She dresses stylishly and often has problems keeping her opinions to herself. Liamia gives her the HSS presidency for her senior year.

Moxxie is a tentacle girl with multiple legs. Although they are technically legs, they can all grip like arms but Moxxie must leave at least one on the ground to remain standing. As Moxxie grows, her number of tentacle grow too.
KOSMAC by Ichigo777
Base by SAMU.

Another portal/portal 2 android AI.

This is KOSMAC (a ploy on "cosmic") and she's a battle android. Her name is basically:

Kombative (yeah, it's a K)
Infinite Zero by Ichigo777
Infinite Zero
Base by Samu

My FC from Reboot - drew her years ago...finally got around to this :)
VP by Ichigo777
Base - Samu

A secret agent character I named VP.


Enter the Void, expect no return
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10 facts about Ichigo777

10) I have more alias/internet names than anyone else I know

9) I am a total pack-rat: I just can't toss anything... I'm also good at organizing anything anyone else has... but never my stuff ...

8) The majority of my friends/acquaintances are online...

7) Out of the hundreds of cartoons, mangas, books, and anime I've seen/read, I can count on two hands the number of main character good guys/girls that I actually LIKE.

6) Despite the awesome outfits I make for my pixel dolls, the majority of my own personal wardrobe consists of black pants and t-shirts.

5) Even though I try, I simply can't help myself from making more and more fancharacters and planning out more and more fanfictions that I will never write

4) The majority of my thoughts are: A) raunchy, B) contain multiple curse words, C) have a reference to a manga, anime, book, or specific character that NO ONE ever gets (unless I launch into a huge, long-winded, and complex explanation) or D) never make sense to anyone but myself...

3) I have a problem with starting projects, books or games and then leaving them sit for months before finishing them...

2) Some people would say I'm "obsessed" with some characters...such as Matsu or Akito or Freeza...I prefer the term "fan of"....okay, so maybe I am obsessed....

1) I hate the color pink.


Other Random Facts

1) My 2 favorite drinks are soda and tea...but I think I'd choose tea over soda.

2) When I make fancharacters, the majority of them have black hair or blonde hair....I think I only have 1 or two with glasses, none with freckles and my females outnumber the males by almost three times. Oh...I also like white and silver for hair colors!

3) I've been going back and forth trying to decide whether to cut my hair for a long time now. It' currently about 1/2 way down my back and this brown color that's my natural color that I don't really like. I've been considering having ti cut in a sort of Akito-esque do...but I'm too afraid I'll hate it to try...

3) Current Series & Character Obsessions: DragonBall Z (Freeza), Fruits Basket (Akito), Avatar (Ozai), Pocket Monsters (Matsubusa, Akagi), Invader Zim (Tallests), YuGiOh (Chronos, Dartz, Saiou, Seto), FFX (Seymour), Harry Potter (Voldemort), Inkspell (Adderhead), D Gray Man (Road), Zelda (Ganondorf), Luminous Arc 2 (Mattias), & Saw (John)

4) I love guys with long hair, especially in ponytails. I really don't like mustaches much..beards are kinda cool, depends upon the guy... But long hair is a must! There are a few exceptions I'll make though when it comes to length, especially if it's in an Akito-esque look.

5) I hate my part time job at a supermarket. In particular, I hate two people from there: my semi-boss Joe and my coworker Cheryl. Joe is King Dick, plain and simple, while Cheryl winds the award for "B****iest B**** in the history of B******}.... She's been much nicer recently... and that makes me suspicious, really suspicious. I can't help but think she's setting me up for something... Oh and NOW the store is trying to get us to not "badmouth" it on our own time - like I'm signing a form saying OK to that!

6. I'm incredibly paranoid of everyone and you might have noticed from the above factoid...

7. I'm about 70% sure that my house is haunted...I keep hearing things in the hallways at night that sound like TV conversation, but nothing's on.....

8. I'm generally NOT a fan of most cannon's really rare that I actually like one, much less obsess over it...

9. I have been a DBZ fan for YEARS - like 12+ and I'm STILL just as obsessed over Freeza as I was back then....

10. I am not a "small talker". Unless the conversation's about something I Love, I'm pretty quiet...unless I get annoyed/angry at which point you'd wish I'd shut up. Especially on the subject of Art Thieves. *sends glare at a certain person*

....this will probably go on forever and ever as long as I have thoughts...

Current Residence: New Jersey
deviantWEAR sizing preference: XL
Print preference: Large
Favourite genre of music: Pop & Rock
Favourite style of art: Art Noveau, Pixel
Operating System: Windows & Firefox
MP3 player of choice: IPOD Nano 3G Black
Shell of choice: Something black
Wallpaper of choice: Something with fire...or a villian
Skin of choice: Something black
Favourite cartoon character: Freeza, Matsubusa, Akito, Chronos, Mattias
Personal Quote: Doom.....zombie doom.....

Meme Thing x2

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 5, 2014, 11:29 PM
So I saw this on a few journals...decided to do it x2!
First pairing for each number is OC x OC or OC x Can; 2nd pairings are all cannon characters (although the pairings aren't :)

1. Alize/Rufus (FF)  **  Red/Purple (IZ)
2. Ami/Yumi (IZ)  ** Cloud/Sephiroth (FF)
3. Morgan/Harry (HP) ** Sephiria/Belze (BC)
4. Alta/Adder (ink) ** Vlad/Danny (DP)
5. Daiga/Chard (MU) ** Voldemort/Harry (HP)
6. Badur/Mimeru (Eo4) ** GLaDOS/Chell (Portal)
7.  Ai/Seto (YGO) ** Usagi/Demando (SM)
8. Whisky/Scotch (CC) ** Seto/Pegasus (YGO)
9. Abs/DeeDee (MU) ** Gin/Vodka (CC)
10. Shiki/Shae (BC) ** Luna/Sombra (MLP)

1) Who gets along better? Pairing #1 or #5?
-Tough call. Alize & Rufus are close friends so they naturally get along well, but they have their little spats quite frequently. Chard almost never argues with Daiga and just gives her her way unless it's a big issue (which is rare) in which case it's a nuclear explosion. Which is worse?
-Red & Purple win this one. They're goofballs who don't let anything bother them, so I don't forsee a major fight here ever...on the other hand Voldemort + Harry = fireworks (in more ways than one)

2) According to you, does the first person in pairing #10 truly love the second person?
- Shiki does...he just can't say it
-I would think Luna would...I really would!

3) Oh no!! The second person in pairing #4 sees their boy/girlfriend with the first person in pairing #7!! What happens?
-If they lived in the same world, Adder would probably just let Alta hang out with Ai since he knows she doesn't like women that way. (He'd probably be the one to send them out together to make Alta have more friends).
-If Danny saw Vlad with Usagi, he'd probably laugh and think she was his bumbling secretary! 

4) What would you do if pairing #8 was 100% canon?
-Well, my Whisky & Scotch are both OCs, so no chance of that.
-If Pegasus x Seto was cannon, YuGiOh would be the most entertaining manga and anime of all time ever! And I would have every episode recorded/downloaded to watch over and over and over again :)

5) In pairing #9, who's more likely to survive an army of zombies?
-Both Abs & DeeDee would make it out without a scratch - they would scare away the zombies
-Gin would make it. If Vodka was with him, than he would too...Not sure about on his own (he's a little bumbling sometimes)

6) Would the first person in #3 die for their boy/girlfriend)?
-Morgan would in a heartbeat if it was for Harry :)
-Sephiria has that attitude about her as well, so she would die to protect Belze (if he would let her).

7) When did you start liking pairing #2?
-I made Ami & Yumi after watching my first epi of Zim. That was back in 2011!
-Similarly I loved the idea of Cloud/Sephiroth since I first played FF7 - so that had to be in the late 1990s or early 2000s....

8) Which pairing do you like the most? #4, #6, or #10?
-Alta/Adder are my babies and I do the most art of them (so it's #4)!
-For the others, I gotta say #6 (Chell/GLaDOS) cause it's AWESOME!

9) In pairing #7, would the second person still love the first person if they were in a car crash that made them ugly forever?
-I would hope Seto would cause he likes Ai's mind.
-Demando wouldn't care too much as long as she was HIS.

10) Does anyone get in the way of pairing #3?
-Actually Dumbles hates the idea of Harry with Morgan...and so does the Weasles...
-Well, maybe Jenos does in sort of a 'i'm trying to help but actually unintentionally making things worse' kinda way.

11) What would the first person in #9 do if the first person in #1 stole their boy/girlfriend?
-If Alize stole DeeDee Abs would either go crazy and attack her or sob hysterically about how she's unloved....or possibly do both at the same time. Nuff said.
-If Red abducted Vodka....uh well either Gin wouldn't care at all and life would move on or Gin would commandeer a spaceship and go blow him out of the sky....

12) Which pairing is the closest to a crack paring?
-I kinda think all my original OC pairings are kinda crack...
-For the actual characters it has to be Seto x Pegasus.

13) How did pairing #5 meet?
-Daiga & Chard met by chance at the hospital visiting mutual friend Karrae. Daiga was her sorority sister & Chard was her lab partner for Physics. The rest was history.
-When Voldemort stormed his house on All Hallows Eve, killed his parents, and tried to kill him a 1 year old. XD

14) Pairing #10 had a baby! What happens next?
-Utter craziness with Shiki & Shae! Tao powers, hyper Shae, and a socially inept Shiki would not do too good with a baby....and yet they have 3.
-Can we say Mini Nightmare Moon if Luna & Sombra had a kid? Yeah, that's EXACTLY what she'd be.

15) The first person in #8 got amnesia! How does their boy/girlfriend help them remember?
-Scotch would sing to Whisky. The 'stupid' song that Whisky refuses to admit she loves but that she plays over & over on her mp3 player.
-I kinda think Pegasus would have lots of fun with Seto first...and maybe that would trigger it...

16) The second person in #1 is dying!! What are their final words to the first person?
-Rufus: "What do you mean 'there's no more Phoenix Downs'?!"
- Purple : "Save the doughnuts!"

17) Is #4 a virgin couple?
-Alta & way - unless you count Alta's first day with him as that and that would be all. Adder's got a lot of experience....a LOT!
-Vlad & Danny? I kinda don't think either is....

18) Pairing #6 and #7 are double dating! What happens?
-Oh gods....
-Baldur & Mimeru would get along great with Seto & Ai, no matter what time period it is. If it's in B&M's world, it would be a grand tour. Mimeru would feel at home in S&A's time but poor Baldur would be lost!
-And for GLaDOS & Chell with Usagi & Demando...well... Usagi & Chell would bond over cake while GLaDOS & Demando would have a science vs mind control magic debate. :)

19) What song(s) fits pairing #5?
-For Voldemort/Harry I don't know why but I love to play "Why" from FF Crisis Core when I read fics of them :)
-For my Daiga/Chard I so love "The Hardest Thing - By Joaftheloaf (feat. Feather)" It's meant to be a MLP song, but it's so awesome! Seriously, go to Youtube right now & listen to it!

20) Pairing #9 has been genderbended!! Outcome?
-...Well,, it kinda doesn't matter for either really!
-Abs & DeeDee would go from being 2 crazy girls in love to 2 crazy guys in love.
-And Gin & Vodka would both go from male to female....Gin would so hot!

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